Australia's #1 Skipping Rope Designed For You

Discover how the SR Skipping Rope can revolutionise your workouts, boost your energy, and redefine what's possible.

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Who is The SR Designed For:

Fitness Enthusiast: Push your limits and achieve new heights with a versatile tool that adds excitement to your cardio routine.
Athlete: Enhance your agility, coordination, and endurance, gaining that competitive edge you've been striving for.
Busy Professional: Incorporate quick, effective workouts into your busy schedule, keeping you active and energized throughout the day.
Beginner: Start your fitness journey with a user-friendly and engaging way to get moving and improve your overall health.


Low Impact & Fun

Low Impact & Fun

GND SR Speed Skipping Rope // Single Ball Bearing // Red Rocket - SR Skipping Rope- GND Fitness

Improve Speed & Agility

Are you struggling with skipping?

❌ Are you feeling left behind in your workout?

❌ Sick of the pain of getting tripped or whipped by your rope?

❌ Feeling like you won't ever get the hang of skipping?

❌ Are you only getting to a max of 10 skips per try?

You have probably tried the gym rope or a cheap rope & no matter what you do, you aren't getting any better at it, and it's starting to become frustrating.
Keeping an unbroken rhythm with skipping is the key to getting the best possible workout.
Not tripping up is an art, but it does come down to 2 main things: practice & your rope. I am here to help you with 1 of those, your rope.
The SR Skipping Rope is designed to give you an edge over everyone else at your gym, with its speed rope design, high spin stainless steel ball bearings and our perfectly , to be able to get the perfect length for your height out of the box. Don't feel left behind.





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