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Maximise your lifting, pulling, and pressing performance by supporting your wrists and enhancing your grip strength with Grips and Wraps from GND Fitness. When the benefits are massive, why not take advantage of them? Don’t let torn-hands or a weak grip prevent you from reaching peak performance.

Reduce the rips and get yourself a pair of GND Ultimate Champion Grips! Grips are a training essential for any CrossFit, gymnast, weightlifting, or powerlifting athlete whose hands get put through a lot of intense work. Grips can keep your hand-skin healthy by helping to prevent blisters and calluses caused by bars and other fitness equipment. Torn hands can hinder your athletic performance and may prevent you from lifting more weight or smashing out extra reps. To maximise your training session, start using grips during your workout and watch your performance reach new levels.

Want to lift more weight easily? Wrist wraps can help improve wrist stability and reduce wrist fatigue so you can lift heavier while still maintaining the correct form. During heavy or max effort lifts, wrist wraps can relieve pressure on your forearms and wrists to allow you to continue training large muscle groups. Wrist wraps are ideal to use when training in a low rep range to prevent your grip from failing during heavy lifts. Try using wrist wraps in heavy lifts like deadlifts, shrugs, push press, and rows.