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$28.00 | $68.00
Strengthen your core, tone your body, and improve your balance with a GND Fit Ball. Fit balls are the ultimate home gym essential for low impact and high support exercises. They are ideal to use within your yoga, aerobic, pilates, and plyometric training to activate your core muscles and improve your strength. Made from an anti-burst material, you can feel rest-assured that the GND Fit Ball will support you no matter how you decide to incorporate it into your exercise routine.
Training your core will not only help you to tone your abs and achieve some good muscle definition, it also comes along with a number of other benefits. Strengthening your core can improve your balance, simplify other exercises, and prevent you from potential injuries. Weak core muscles can increase your susceptibility to back pain and poor posture, so it is beneficial to include core targeting exercises into your training program. 
These exercise balls are safe and easy to use for all ages and fitness levels. Add this versatile ball to your home gym to compliment your training and improve your core strength. For improved stability and good posture, try pairing the Fit Ball with the Fit Ball Base for a convenient chair alternative.