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How to Size Your Skipping Rope

Garth Stivey

How long should a skipping rope be?

The most important factor in getting a skipping rope is getting the right size for your height. If you get a rope that is either too short or too long, you are going to end up frustrated. You’ll end up learning to skip incorrectly or simply give up completely after whacking your shins too many times. In this article, I’ll show you how to size your skipping rope properly. 

A number of GND Fitness Skipping Ropes are easily adjustable so that you can size it yourself after purchase and the other ropes come in pre-cut lengths to avoid needing to trim the ropes down. When sizing up any skipping ropes, follow the instructions mentioned below to get a length best suited for your height. If you are choosing a pre-cut skipping rope, you will need to choose the best-suited length before purchasing.


How to Size your Skipping Rope: 

  • If you are between 144 and 155 cm, then you need a rope that is 161 cm, not including the length of the handles. This is considered a small rope.
  • People who are 155 to 175 cm, you should go for a rope that is 259 cm long. This is considered a medium rope.
  • Those who are 175 to 191 cm, should choose a rope length that is 274 cm long. This is considered a large rope.
  • If you are 191 to 200 cm, then you should choose a rope that is 297 cm long. This is considered an extra-large rope. 

If you are on the borderline between two of the height categories above, you should generally opt for the next length up. The slightly longer skipping rope length will allow you to better perform more advanced exercises and tricks. The slightly longer skipping ropes can also be adjusted later to be reduced as your technique and skills improve.


Once you have the Rope


Once you receive your skipping rope, you will want to take the rope out of the package and place your foot in the middle of it. Now pull the handles up toward your armpit. If the rope is the right length for you, the start of the handles will be right at the level of your armpits. It is ok if it is a little lower (but not lower than your chest).

Another way to customize the rope length when you first receive it is to have someone check the level of clearance over your head when you’re skipping. The clearance should be 25-45 cm. If your rope clearance is not within this zone, adjust the length accordingly.

Taking the extra few minutes to make sure that you are getting a skipping rope that is for your size will help you to get a far more effective workout. It will also prevent you from giving your shins a constant whipping.

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