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Here's a step-by-step guide to using the Barbell Jack

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How to use a Barbell Jack | Deadlift Jack | Gym Jack

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Using the Barbell Jack  

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Using the Barbell Jack for Effortless Weight Plate Changes.

You're probably familiar with the struggle of changing weight plates when the barbell is on the floor. It can be time-consuming and even risky, as it puts you at risk of injury. Fortunately, with the Barbell Jack, you can say goodbye to the repetitive twists and pulls and the need to wrangle with a bar in one hand while pulling the weight plate with the other.

The Barbell Jack is a simple yet smart hook-and-pull system that allows for effortless loading, offloading, and changing of weight plates. It's lightweight and compact, yet built to last, making it ideal for home workouts and gym sessions alike. You can perform deadlifts, hip thrusts, and other exercises without interruption or risk of muscle strain.

Dr. Stephanie Dorworth - Physical Therapy

Here's a step-by-step guide to using the Barbell Jack:

Step 1: Hook the Barbell

Hook the Barbell Jack not further from the knurl marks of the bar from the side you would like to add or remove the weight plates.

Step 2: Pull the Jack Inwards

Pull the Barbell Jack inwards until it is in a vertical position. This lifts the barbell far enough off the ground to make taking off weight plates really easy compared to being very difficult.


Step 3: Change your weight plates

Add or remove the weight plates, then push the jack back outwards to unhook
Using the Barbell Jack is a safe and efficient way to change weight plates and avoid injury. Don't train without it.

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